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Archive for June 2019

Creating a Healthier Workplace

It’s the job of leaders to build a supportive workplace. Leaders adapt their management styles to accommodate the needs of a changing workforce and create workplaces that help drive independent thinking, collaboration and innovation. Real Leaders, the preferred partner publication of YPO, recently published a series of articles focused on how leaders can shape, improve and…

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Filmmaker Shaun MacGillivray Wants Kids to Dream Big

A great story lures people in, allowing them to experience things in a way that they otherwise could not. The Great Wall of China. The International Space Station. A village bridge in Haiti. The Falkirk Wheel in Scotland. The 127-story Shanghai Tower in China. The Hyperloop in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. Viewers can explore the…

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4 Experts Weigh in on Innovation as a Business Imperative

“It is easier to fail in the U.S. than in Europe or Asia — both structurally and culturally,” says Pascal Finette, Singularity University’s Chair for Entrepreneurship & Open Innovation, when asked to comment on regional differences in thinking about innovation. Data can be interpreted in various ways. Between 29 April and 6 May 2019, YPO conducted a…

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Collaborating Across Industries to Raise Nepal Out of the Ashes

Every year, YPO recognizes members who foster positive social change at both local and global levels through its Social Enterprise Network (SEN) Sustainability Award. Nirvana Chaudhary, a 2018 award recipient, has established himself both as a successful global entrepreneur and an avid philanthropist. At 37, Chaudhary heads Chaudhary Group, a global conglomerate worth more than…

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