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Feeling the brand love around the world

YPO member Kat Cole, group president of Focus Brands, speaks to CNBC at the 2016 YPO EDGE about the world’s expanding taste in food and buying American brands. The post Feeling the brand love around the world appeared first on YPO. ^Share this link with your friends and colleagues^ Do you want to be a…

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Episode 7: Steve McKean (Acceller Inc.), Miami, FL, USA

About the Ignite Blog Ignite literally means “to set in motion,” “to spark” or “to glow and radiate.” It represents the passion of YPO and the passion that drives all YPO members toward achievement, success and each other as peers. This blog has evolved from Ignite, YPO’s exclusive member publication, and features articles written by and about YPO’s trusted…

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